Your Compass to College



Are you a high school student or parent with a high school age student worrying about the college admission process? Whether you are (or your student is) a straight A’s student, student athlete, a student with a long list of extracurricular activities, or a student with average grades, the college admission process often can be overwhelming and stressful. This process can be stress free and even fun when it is done in a timely manner and with the right resources.

Educational consultant, Serena Chan patiently and respectfully guides you through this complicated process. Through her guidance, you will understand yourself better and be able to identify what consideration factors are important for your college experience. She can help you identify, apply to, and be accepted to the right fit college for you. The right fit college maybe a small liberal arts college, a competitive Ivy Leagues college, a large research institution, a historic public university, a college that balances both academic and faith, or a performing arts conservatory . The goal is to identify and gain admission to the right fit college where you will be happy and continue to grow academically and personally.

Serena Chan provides comprehensive, one-on-one college admission planning and support services to high school students. Services include building a successful and rewarding high school career, career and college major exploration, college campus visits, test prep resources, developing a college list, preparation for college recommendation letter, college application essays, alumni/scholarship interview preparation, and finding scholarship and financial aid resources.


Serena’s goal: Patiently and respectfully guides students to navigate and transition into the right fit college with minimal stress.


Serena hopes through this guidance and partnership, her students become lifelong independent learners with the following skills:

  • - Time management
  • - Organization skills
  • - Communication skills
  • - Better writing ability
  • - Self-accountable for responsibilities and deadlines


Please contact Serena for a consultation! It is the best way to get to know each other. Schedule an appointment now.

US Education Compass makes no representations, warranties or guarantees about admission to any school.